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 A Comprehensive Review of natural balance philippines

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In the heart of the Philippines amidst the vibrant bustle of pet stores and online communities whispers of “natural goodness” are swirling. It’s the call of Natural Balance philippines a brand rooted in American soil but now blooming on Philippine shores ready to nourish Filipino dogs with nature’s bounty. Unlike mere kibble masquerading as “natural” Natural Balance boasts genuine credentials founded in 1989 with a dedication to natural ingredients it has earned a loyal following for its high quality meats limited-ingredient formulas and a resounding “no” to artificial nasties.

But what truly sets Natural Balance philippines apart for Filipino dog owners? Imagine glistening lamb, succulent chicken and ocean fresh salmon not fillers or mysteries. These real meat proteins form the foundation of every recipe partnered with wholesome grains and essential vegetables to create complete and balanced meals that unleash your dog’s natural potential.

No wonder Filipino pups with sensitive stomachs are wagging their tails in appreciation. Natural Balance offers Limited Ingredient Diets (LIDs) and Limited Ingredient Protein (LIP) formulas like gentle whispers to tummy troubles. These recipes soothe even the most demanding digestive systems by minimizing potential allergens and using easily digestible ingredients, transforming mealtimes from tantrum-laden affairs to tail-wagging celebrations.

And for the adventurous souls who explore life at full pelt Natural Balance has fuel for their fiery spirits. High Energy formulas pack extra calories and nutrients ensuring your four-legged explorer conquers every obstacle with boundless energy and unwavering good health. So every Filipino dog can find their perfect paw-performance recipe in the Natural Balance pantry, from playful puppies to seasoned fur rangers, from gentle giants to tiny tornadoes.

But this is just the beginning of the journey. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the features and benefits of Natural Balance uncovering specific formulas tailored to your dog’s unique needs and preferences. Let’s unleash the natural goodness within your furry friend and watch their tails wag a symphony of delight.

What are Filipino dog owners main concerns about their pets food?

Like every pet parent Filipino dog owners prioritize their furry friend’s health and well being. However they often face unique challenges and concerns regarding their dogs’ food. Here are some of the most prominent.

Affordability: Balancing good nutrition with budget constraints is a major concern. Many rely on commercially available kibble and worry about the expense of “premium” brands. Finding food that offers optimal value for money is crucial.

Protein Quality: A top priority is ensuring their dogs get enough protein without breaking the bank. Concerns over filler ingredients and meat sources of questionable quality are common. Finding food with high-quality protein sources within their budget is key.

Skin Allergies and Digestive Issues: Reports of sensitive stomachs and skin allergies among Filipino dogs are high. Owners seek food options that effectively address these issues such as formulas with limited ingredients or hypoallergenic options.

Life Stage Needs: Finding age appropriate food for puppies adults and seniors can be confusing. Clear guidance and specific formulas addressing the different nutritional needs of each life stage are desired.

Locally-Sourced Ingredients: A growing preference for locally sourced and sustainable ingredients is emerging, especially among younger pet owners. Transparency about ingredient origin and supporting local businesses are gaining value.

Trust in Natural Brands: While interest in natural products grows scepticism towards marketing claims remains high. Reading ingredient lists and understanding ingredient quality is crucial for building trust. Transparency and education are key for brands trying to win over Filipino dog owners.

Beyond the top concerns additional questions and considerations often arise

Availability and accessibility: Finding the desired food in local pet stores and online platforms is important.

Brand reputation and experience of other dog owners: Testimonials and community engagement play a role in building trust.

Specific features addressing individual needs: Some owners might prioritize grain-free options, clear health benefits, or unique formula varieties.

Understanding these main concerns and questions will help you tailor your review of Natural Balance dog food to address Filipino dog owners’ specific needs and interests.

Remember Filipino dog owners are a diverse group with varying priorities and budgets. Consider these factors as you delve deeper into their experiences with Natural Balance and other dog food brands.

Do pet owners in the Philippines trust “natural” dog food brands?

While Filipino dog owners increasingly seek “natural” food options for their furbabies trust remains a hurdle. The good news? Interest is brewing, fueled by health trends online communities and a desire for transparency. However scepticism lingers due to vague marketing claims unclear ingredient lists and concerns about affordability. To win Filipino hearts (and kibble bowls) brands need to walk the talk: deliver real natural goodness simplify ingredient knowledge and offer value without burning through pesos. Transparency education and tangible benefits are the keys to unlocking trust and unleashing the “natural” food revolution for Filipino dog owners.

What specific questions do users have about Natural Balance Dog Food?

Filipino dog owners intrigued by the “natural” promise of Natural Balance bombard online spaces with questions. They dissect ingredient lists, seeking real meat percentages and hidden nasties. Is it truly natural they wonder or just marketing fluff? Concerns about sensitive stomachs and itchy woes lead them to ask if Natural Balance offers soothing solutions. Price matters too Worth the peso? they ponder comparing costs and bag sizes.

Availability is key: “Can I find it at my local palengke?” they ask yearning for easy access. Breed, age, and activity levels demand specific answers: “Is it perfect for my playful pup?” they query seeking tailored formulas. Real-life experiences from fellow Filipino dog owners are gold: “Did it work for your furbaby?” they ask, hoping for tales of wagging tails and shiny coats. Community recommendations hold sway: “Do online dog groups give it paws up?” they inquire, trusting collective wisdom. So Natural Balance stands at a crossroads.

  • Convince with transparency.
  • Cater to specific needs.
  • Answer every Filipino dog owner’s burning question to unleash its true potential in the Philippines.

Decoding the Dog Food A Deep Dive into Natural Balance Features

Remember those Filipino dog owner concerns and questions? Let’s see how Natural Balance tackles them feature by feature

Ingredient Integrity

  • Real Meat Reigns Supreme: Ditch the filler follies! Natural Balance prioritizes real meat proteins like lamb, chicken, and salmon as the primary ingredient in most formulas. Forget ambiguous “meat meals” – you know exactly what your furry friend is feasting on.
  • Limited Ingredient Lifesavers: Sensitive stomachs, rejoice! Natural Balance’s Limited Ingredient Diets (LIDs) and Limited Ingredient Protein (LIP) formulas minimize potential allergens, using single-protein sources and limited, easily digestible ingredients. Goodbye, gas bombs and itchy woes; hello, happy tummy dances!
  • Grain-Free Adventures: For pups with grain sensitivities, Natural Balance offers grain-free alternatives packed with alternative carbohydrates like sweet potato and chickpeas, ensuring complete and balanced nutrition without the tummy rumbles.

Health & Happiness Benefits

  • Skin & Coat Symphony: Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids from real fish and flaxseed nourish your dog’s skin and coat from the inside out, promoting a healthy shine and reducing itchiness. No more snowflakes of dandruff flying across the living room!
  • Digestive Harmony: Prebiotics and probiotics in Natural Balance recipes work like tiny cheerleaders in your dog’s gut, promoting healthy digestion and keeping unwelcome tummy troubles at bay. No more awkward “presents” on the morning walk!
  • Immunity Boosters: Natural antioxidants like vitamins E and C, along with essential minerals, help strengthen your dog’s immune system, keeping them healthy and ready for everyday adventures. No more sniffling pups sidelined by sniffles!

Unique Features for Filipino Foodies

  • Locally-Sourced Options: Some Natural Balance formulas feature ingredients like Philippine-grown sweet potato, appealing to dog owners who value local sourcing and sustainability. Think of it as kibble with a touch of Pinoy pride!
  • Life Stage Specificity: From puppyhood’s playful nibbles to senior years’ gentler bites, Natural Balance offers age-appropriate formulas with tailored nutrient profiles and kibble sizes. No more one-size-fits-all kibble woes!
  • Flavorful Variety: Filipino pups deserve exciting mealtimes too! Natural Balance goes beyond the plain chicken-rice routine, offering delicious recipes like Duck & Sweet Potato and Salmon & Green Pea, keeping taste buds happy and tails wagging for more.

Finding the Purfect Fit Who is Natural Balance For?

Not all kibble is created equal, and Natural Balance recognizes that! Let’s match furry friends with their ideal feast:

Must-Have Heroes

  • Sensitive Stomach Superstars: Dogs with allergies, skin issues, or digestive woes find their haven in Natural Balance’s Limited Ingredient Diets and LIP formulas. Single-protein sources and easily digestible ingredients mean happy tummies and wagging tails.
  • Active Adventure Seekers: From playful pups to high-energy breeds like Huskies and Border Collies, Natural Balance High Energy formulas provide the extra calories and nutrients needed for their boundless energy. Think of it as rocket fuel for furry explorers!
  • Health-Conscious Companions: Owners prioritizing natural ingredients and complete and balanced nutrition will love Natural Balance’s focus on real meat proteins, wholesome grains, and essential nutrients. It’s like homemade goodness in a convenient kibble bag!

Nice-to-Have Treats

  • Grain-Free Gourmands: Dogs with grain sensitivities can ditch the rumbles and enjoy the delicious grain-free alternatives featuring alternative carbohydrates like sweet potato and chickpeas. It’s kibble that caters to every tummy type!
  • Locally-Loving Owners: Filipino dog owners who value sustainability and locally sourced ingredients might find a special connection with Natural Balance formulas containing Philippine-grown sweet potatoes. It’s kibble with a touch of Pinoy pride!
  • Variety-Seeking Snouts: For pups who tire of the same old, same old, Natural Balance offers a delightful roster of flavours like Duck & Sweet Potato and Salmon & Green Pea. Mealtimes become exciting adventures for taste buds and tummies alike!

Age Matters

  • Puppies: Look for formulas specifically designed for growing pups, with smaller kibble sizes and tailored nutrient profiles to support their development.
  • Adults: Choose from various adult formulas based on activity level, dietary needs, and potential sensitivities.
  • Seniors: Opt for senior-specific formulas with adjusted protein and fat levels, smaller kibble, and ingredients supporting joint health and cognitive function.

Value vs Cost Unveiling the Natural Balance Price Picture

While price is always a factor, Natural Balance is about investing in your dog’s health and well-being. Consider it a value proposition, not just a cost per kibble.

Natural Balance falls within the premium dog food range in the Philippines. But here’s the kicker: the higher price tag reflects the quality of ingredients, unique formulas, and potential health benefits. Imagine swapping mystery meat meals for real lamb, chicken, and salmon – you’d expect a premium, right?

The good news? You get flexibility:

  • Bag sizes: Choose from 2kg, 6kg, and 12kg to suit your budget and your dog’s appetite.
  • Formula variety: Opt for standard formulas, sensitive stomach options, or high-energy recipes, tailoring your purchase to your dog’s needs.

Availability: Finding Natural Balance is getting easier! Look for it in popular pet stores across the Philippines and online. No more trekking across town for your pup’s perfect feast!

Ultimately, the value of Natural Balance lies in the potential benefits: a healthier, happier dog with fewer tummy troubles, shiny coats, and boundless energy. Sure, you might pay a little more, but consider it an investment in your furry friend’s well-being – an investment that could pay off in fewer vet visits and a wagging tail that says “thank you” every day.

Remember, comparing costs across different brands is crucial, but also factor in the unique features and potential health benefits. Natural Balance might be worth the extra peso if it keeps your dog healthy and happy in the long run.

Stay tuned for our next section, where we’ll compare Natural Balance to other brands and help you decide if it’s the right fit for your furry friend’s bowl!

Natural Balance Dog Food Weighing the Woofs and Woes

Like any dog food, Natural Balance has its own set of advantages and disadvantages for Filipino dog owners. Let’s take a balanced look

Real meat proteins like lamb, chicken, and salmon prioritize quality over fillers, potentially resulting in better digestion and healthier coats.
 LIDs and LIP formulas relieve pups with allergies and digestive issues, often leading to happier tummies and reduced vet visits.
Energy formulas provide additional calories and nutrients for energetic breeds and playful pups, fueling them for their adventurous pursuits.
Filipino owners looking for local ingredients may appreciate formulas containing Philippine-grown sweet potato, adding a touch of Pinoy pride to their dog’s meal.
 With a range of formulas for different ages, activity levels, and dietary needs, Natural Balance offers flexibility and personalization for every furry friend.
Natural Balance falls within the premium range compared to some commercial brands, which might concern budget-conscious owners.
Some user feedback expresses scepticism about marketing claims, emphasizing the need for individual research and understanding of ingredients.
Some users raise concerns about the environmental impact of importing ingredients, highlighting the need for transparency in sourcing practices.

For Sensitive Stomachs


Acana dog food emerges as a champion of canine well-being, crafting meals inspired by nature’s bounty. Forget mystery-laden kibble; Acana prioritizes fresh or raw meat as the first ingredient, followed by nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. No fillers, artificial nasties, or grains infiltrate this feast – just an explosion of natural goodness your furry friend will howl for.

But what truly sets Acana apart? First, imagine single-protein formulas like Lamb & Apple or Duck & Pumpkin, minimizing allergy triggers and soothing the most sensitive tummies. Then, picture protein powerhouses, fueling muscles and bolstering energy with every bite. Acana doesn’t just fill – it nourishes with fruits and vegetables, adding a symphony of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for a radiant coat, bright eyes, and a tail-wagging zest for life.

However, premium quality comes with a premium price tag. Acana falls within the upper echelons of dog food affordability, requiring you to dig deeper into your budget. Finding specific formulas in Filipino pet stores might also send you on an online treasure hunt.So, is Acana the perfect fit for your furry friend? If your pup suffers from food sensitivities, craves high-quality protein, and thrives on nature’s best, then Acana could be the missing piece in their kibble bowl. Remember to weigh the cost and availability against the potential benefits before deciding.

Eukanuba Dog food

Filipino dog owners know the struggle – itchy woes and tummy troubles can turn your playful pup into a grumpy furball. But fear not! Eukanuba Sensitive Skin & Stomach is a beacon of hope, a formula crafted to soothe skin and stomach, restoring tail wags and happy licks in no time.

Forget mystery meats and gut-rumbling fillers. Eukanuba embraces easy-to-digest ingredients like high-quality lamb and fluffy rice, minimizing triggers and promoting smooth digestion. Imagine tiny tummies singing with joy! Join the party for extra TLC, prebiotics, and omega fatty acids. Prebiotics nurture healthy gut flora like little cheerleaders, while omega fatty acids work their magic on the skin, reducing itchiness and promoting a radiant, healthy coat. And because comfort matters, Eukanuba Sensitive Skin & Stomach features smaller kibble for sensitive teeth and delicate mouths, making mealtimes a stress-free delight.

But this hero doesn’t just soothe woes; it builds strength! Muscle-building protein from lamb ensures your pup thrives with a healthy physique while essential vitamins and minerals team up to boost their immune system. And did we mention dental defence? Eukanuba’s special kibble shape keeps teeth clean and gums healthy, adding an extra layer of well-being to your furry friend’s life.

However, every hero has a kryptonite. Eukanuba Sensitive Skin & Stomach offers a narrower range of formulas catering to sensitive pups. Also, while becoming more available, finding it in all Filipino pet stores might require an online expedition or longer searches. Lastly, the price tag falls within the mid-range category, slightly higher than budget-friendly options but lower than premium competitors.So, is Eukanuba the perfect fit for your dog? If your furry friend battles skin and stomach sensitivity, this formula offers a comforting haven of soothing ingredients and nourishing nutrients. Remember to weigh the limited variety and availability against the potential benefits for your pup’s overall well-being.

For Active Pups

Purina ONE

Filipino fur-rockets on the go, unleash your inner athletes with Purina ONE Active Adult! Real chicken protein fuels muscle growth for parkour pursuits and endless tail wags while L-carnitine whispers energy into tired paws, propelling your pup from sunrise jogs to sunset sprints. And with budget-friendly goodness, every adventure is affordable!However, every explorer needs a pit stop. Limited variety means specific dietary needs might require different Purina formulas, and some dog owners crave more ingredient transparency.Ultimately, for active pups ready to conquer the Philippines, Purina ONE Active Adult delivers the fuel for endless adventures. Just remember, diversity in dietary needs might require further exploration within the Purina range. Happy explorations.

Locally Sourced & Budget Friendly

Royal Canin

Royal Canin has been a stalwart in the realm of pet nutrition for over five decades, setting itself apart with a commitment to precision and tailored dietary solutions. Founded in 1968, the brand’s unwavering dedication to understanding the specific nutritional needs of various breeds, sizes, and life stages of cats and dogs has positioned it as a global leader in the industry.

Royal Canin’s distinctive approach lies in its breed-specific and condition-specific formulations. Through extensive research, collaboration with veterinary professionals, and a meticulous selection of ingredients, the brand crafts diets that cater to the unique requirements of different pets. This precision extends to addressing specific health concerns, ensuring that pets enjoy a delicious meal and receive targeted support for their overall well-being. With a focus on quality control and scientific innovation, Royal Canin remains a trusted choice for pet owners who prioritize individualized, research-backed nutrition for their beloved companions. Choosing Royal Canin means providing pets with a meal and a precisely crafted diet that aligns with their breed, size, and specific health needs, contributing to a legacy of excellence in pet nutrition.

Pro Plan

Pro Plan, a brand within the Purina family, exemplifies a commitment to excellence in pet nutrition. With a foundation rooted in scientific research and a focus on quality ingredients, Pro Plan provides advanced and specialized formulas to cater to the distinct needs of both dogs and cats.

At the core of Pro Plan’s approach is a dedication to real meat as a primary ingredient, ensuring high-quality protein sources for optimal pet health. The brand’s formulas are meticulously crafted, considering age, size, breed, and specific health conditions. Pro Plan stands out for its diverse product line, addressing a range of nutritional requirements from fostering healthy growth in kittens to supporting joint health in senior dogs. Backed by a team of experts, Pro Plan continues to innovate, earning the trust of both pet owners and professionals. Pro Plan remains a steadfast choice in pet food for those seeking tailored and advanced nutrition to enhance their pets’ overall well-being.

Natural Balance Dog Food Verdict and Recommendations in table format

Natural Balance Dog Food: Verdict & Recommendations

Natural Balance Dog Food: Verdict & Recommendations

Feature Verdict Recommendation Alternative Options
Quality High-quality ingredients, avoids artificial additives. Great for health-conscious owners. Acana, Taste of the Wild (wider protein source variety).
Variety Extensive range for different life stages & needs. Ideal for picky eaters or finding the perfect fit. Purina ONE, Royal Canin (more affordable but less variety).
Limited-Ingredient Formulas Excellent for dogs with allergies or sensitivities. Offers peace of mind for concerned owners. Hill’s Science Diet, Blue Buffalo (similar options, may offer more protein sources).
Grain-free options Available for owners seeking alternatives. Only consider with vet guidance if necessary. Many other brands offer grain-free options.
Price Upper mid-range, more expensive than some brands. Consider budget carefully before purchase. Purina ONE, Royal Canin (good quality at lower price point).
Availability Finding specific formulas might require online purchases or larger stores. Plan ahead to ensure consistent access. Many brands are widely available across various retailers.

Overall: Natural Balance is a high-quality brand with many strengths, but consider price and availability before purchase. Research and compare options based on your dog’s specific needs and your budget.

Remember: The best dog food is the one that keeps your pup happy, healthy, and wagging their tail!


For Pinoy pups craving a familiar feast with a global twist, Natural Balance offers sweet potato sunshine and island-friendly nutrition. Different formulas cater to every playful Pug and majestic Doberman, making it a taste of home with global smarts. However, finding specific formulas and the price tag might require extra effort. Ultimately, for budget-conscious paw-rents seeking familiar flavours with scientific muscle Natural Balance could be the paw-perfect match for happy Pinoy tails just compare and choose wisely.

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